Riverside South Community Info

Riverside South is a suburban community in Gloucester-South Nepean Ward in the south end of the city of Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, just southwest of Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport. Prior to amalgamation in 2001, the area was located in the city of Gloucester. Its population according to the Canada 2011 Census was 10,908.


English Public

Mark Fisher is the School Board Trustee for Zone 7 (which includes Riverside South)
He can be contacted at [email protected]

Steve Maclean Public School

Located in the area of Riverside South, Steve MacLean Public School opened its doors to welcome students on Tuesday, September 5, 2006. Its “official opening” was on December 4, 2006, when Canadian astronaut, Dr. Steve MacLean cut the ribbon to open “his” school and shared his recent flight experiences with our students.
Principal: Cheryl Sevigny Phone: 613-596-8211 Grades: JK - 8

Kars on the Rideau Public School

Since 1975, Kars on the Rideau has been an exciting place to be. Programs include Early French Immersion from SK to grade 8, Middle French Immersion for grades 4 to 8, as well as the regular English program for JK and grades 6 to 8. They provide a welcoming learning environment and strive to develop, citizenship, social responsibility, critical thinking skills, creativity, and academic growth to meet established learning expectations, as well as a lifelong love of learning. A wide range of learning experiences and activities are offered, which include partnerships with the community, and the integration of technology within the curriculum.
Principal: Rick Haggar Phone: 613-489-2024 Grades: JK - 8

Merivale High School

Merivale High School offers an extensive array of high quality programs in Fine Arts, Technological Education, University and College pathways as well as outstanding extra-curricular programs. It has a warm and vibrant school climate and a 51 year tradition of promoting a culture of excellence, which balances its proud history with the ability to remain progressive and innovative.

Curricular programs include University, College, French Immersion, Cooperative Education/Apprenticeship Pathways, Gifted/Gifted French Immersion, and Specialist High Skills Major: Communication & Design.
Principal: Barb Gage Phone: 613-224-1807 Grades: 9 -12

South Carleton High School

At South Carleton, the learning environment is grounded in a strong academic program. Excellent core programs in language, social science, math, science and technology, coupled with extensive program choices in the fine arts, physical and outdoor education, and business studies create a comprehensive learning environment for our students. A major focus is in the preparation of students for post‐secondary study and the world of work; thus, the development of superior numeracy and literacy skills is an emphasis. The co‐operative education program provides students the opportunities to experience real‐life workplace learning that supports their academic program.
Principal: Colin Anderson Phone: 613-838-2212 Grades: 9 - 12


Gabrielle-Roy was officially opened in 2001, with a great emphasis placed on the school as a community and family. Their belief is that through the relationship between the students, parents and the school, children’s learning will become enriched both at school and at home.
Principal: Daniel Proulx Phone: 613-733-8301 Grades: JK - 6


Omers-Deslaurier welcomes all students looking for a high quality high school education in French. They offer effective preparation for post-secondary education and a respectful learning environment where programs are specialized to meet the individual’s needs.
Principal: Dominique Vielleuse Phone: 613-820-0992 Grades: 7 - 12

English Catholic

Alison Baizana is the School Board Trustee for Zone 4 (which includes Riverside South). She can be contacted at [email protected]

St. Jerome Catholic

St. Jerome Catholic is a vibrant Catholic school community that opened its doors in September, 2004. They recognize that students must believe in themselves in order to achieve for the future. The mission of St. Jerome Catholic School is to create and maintain a faith-based educational environment which ensures that all children reach their highest level of academic achievement possible.
Principal: Steve McGarrity Phone: 613-822-1116 Grades: JK - 6

Frank Ryan

Frank Ryan integrates the educational, technological, social and religious needs of their students. Their School Motto is "Respect and Responsibility". Steeped in Catholic values, through the meshing of Family, School and Church, the school is a safe, accepting and inclusive community
Principal: Philip Capobiano Phone: 613-224-8833 Grades: 7 - 8

French Public

St. Francis Xavier

Opened in 2009, St. Francis Xavier is a new high school serving grades 7 – 12. While education and preparation for post-secondary avenues is paramount, the school also offers a large variety of activities, sports and clubs for students. Participation results in new skills, new friends, and leadership opportunities.
Principal: John Pedari Phone: 613-822-7900 Grades: 7 - 12


Located in the heart of the Riverside South community, Bernard-Grandmaitre and its students benefit from a well-balanced school calendar. The school`s goal is to improve the academic success of each student as an individual. Their team strives to implement educational activities that invite students to participate in the Franco-Ontarian life as much as possible.
Principal: Lucille Plante Phone: 613-820-3814 Grades: JK – 6

French Catholic

French Catholic School Elementary: École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître French Catholic Secondary School: Franco-Cité


Opened in 1994, Franco-Cite and it`s team of teachers have endeavoured to help students prepare for their educational and career goals. Their team aims to provide students with guidance in their personal, interpersonal and future professional lives.
Principal: Anik Charette Phone: 613-521-4999 Grades: 9 - 12


Parks & Recreation

There are a number parks in existence in Riverside South:

Claudette Cain Park is located on the banks of the Rideau River, across River Road from Riverside South. The park can be accessed via a signalized pedestrian crossing. This park has a soccer field, many walking trails and a variety of play structures. There is also access to the Rideau River waterfront. A field house was built in 2009, and a brand new splash pad opened in Claudette Cain Park in the summer of 2010.

Four Seasons Park is located on Spratt Road between Earl Armstrong Road and Shoreline. This park has a number of play structures, a water spray area, a baseball diamond, and a skating rink and toboggan hill in the winter.

Mountain Meadows Park is located along Spratt Road between the two Canyon Walk intersections and beside École élémentaire catholique Bernard-Grandmaître. This park has a number of play structures, a water splash area, a soccer field and a skating rink in the winter.

Spratt Park is located along Spratt Road adjacent to Steve MacLean Public School. The park includes a number of play structures, a soccer field, a multi-use paved area and boarded rink in the winter.

Nimiq Park is located at 5058 North Bluff drive, with access from Black Sage Crescent as well. The park opened in Summer 2011, and includes a number of play structures, a soccer field, and a large shade structure.

Lastly, there is a park adjacent to the Rideauview Community Centre that contains a number of play structures and a grassy field.

According to city by-laws, all our parks and pathways currently require dogs to be on-leash at all times. We will be working with the city to look at our parks to consider re-designating an area for dogs to be allowed off-leash, under voice control. In the interest of keeping Riverside South beautiful, we would like to remind dog owners that it's their responsibility to pick up after their pets.

We would also like to remind pet owners to refrain from putting waste in garbage bins near playgrounds so that the playground experience remains a pleasant one. City by-laws require pet waste to be taken home and properly disposed of in the toilet or home garbage. The city can fine dog owners who violate either the leash or pet waste by-laws.
For more information, visit click here

Ravines are no place for yard waste. Also in the interest of keeping our community beautiful, we would like to remind residents that it is illegal to dump yard waste such as sod, soil, and grass clippings in the ravines, vacant lots or along pathways. Contact the city at 613-580-2400 for more information about disposing of yard waste or visit click here

We would like to acknowledge the RSCA’s adoption of all three parks in Riverside South under the City’s Adopt-a-park program. Under this program, the RSCA coordinates semi-annual park clean-up initiatives in conjunction the Community Clean-Up events and is responsible to report to the City any occurrence of vandalism or graffiti in the parks. For those wishing to know more about the adopt-a-park or adopt-a-roadway programs, visit the city web site at click here

For more on Ottawa parks, visit click here

The parks and green-spaces in the Riverside South area are linked through various water pathways to the Rideau River. As such, we fall within the watershed area under the jurisdiction of the Rideau Valley Conservation Authority (RVCA).

The Rideau Valley Conservation Authority has all kinds of environmental information on its website, including press releases, a bi-monthly environmental newsletter called Around the Rideau, and information about local conservation areas, special events, river education materials and more. Anyone who would like to receive personal copies of either the newsletter or our press releases can do so by sending their e-mail address to [email protected]

More information on the RVCA can be found at click here

Summerhill Park

A new park for the Riverside South community is located at 560 Summerhill Street. Summerhill park will provide the neighbourhood with junior and senior playgrounds, swings, shade structure, splash pad, tennis courts, puddle rink and landscaped seating areas.


Commercial Shopping Plazas

Riverside South offers access to more than 50 shops and services that give residences all the conveniences of the city while still preserving an authentic country vibe.

Urbandale Plaza – Spratt and Limebank Canyon Walk Plaza Riverside South Plaza – 655 Earl Armstrong Road

Public Transit

North-South Light-Rail
The Trillium Line is planned to extend 8 km southwards with three three stations at South Keys, Leitrim and Bowesville in Riverside South (the proposed southern terminus). There will be passing loops at South Keys and Leitrim, and grade separations at Lester and Leitrim. In addition, two more stations are proposed along the existing portion of the line at Gladstone and Walkley.

The following route maps detail the OC Transpo bus routes currently servicing Riverside South.
Please be sure to reference the OC Transpo Travel Planner as routes are subject to change:

Park & Ride

The Riverview Park & Ride lot is located on Earl Armstrong accross from the shopping plaza.
The Leitrim Park & Ride lot is located off Leitrim road between Bowesville and Albion on Gilligan Road. Visit Park & Ride

You can contact OC Transpo for more information.

Visit the following links for more details

Natural heritage of Riverside South

While most of the old growth forest has disappeared, the Riverside South area has retained an interesting mix of flora and fauna, particularly along its creeks and river.

Mosquito Creek Valley

Compared to the Rideau River, Mosquito Creek may seem almost insignificant but it is important to the drainage of the land it traverses and the connections it provides between natural features and systems. It remains a narrow, shallow creek even during spring run-off, but development around it has been carefully planned to leave a margin of meadow and woodland along its meandering path. The Mosquito may look like a kids-scale brook with a sandy bed dotted with large stones, but it provides an important micro-habitat for a variety of plants and animals.

Mosquito Creek ends in the Rideau River as a narrow channel through tall reeds and bull rushes after winding its way from open fields through neighbourhoods and past parks. Its route provides a natural corridor for prowling foxes and coyotes. In spring and summer, its banks are alive with the sound of croaking frogs, buzzing insects and birdsong.

Naturalists of all ages and expertise have no trouble finding noteworthy specimens to enjoy when they take the time to explore the creek. It is particularly appealing to parents with youngsters who want to connect with nature on a weekend stroll.

For more information, you can download our Homeowners Guide to Conserving Natural Areas

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